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Our center of medical specialists located in Regensburg (Bavaria) offers more than 20 years of expert knowledge. Today, we perform approximately  4,300 operation- procedures in our department every year. Main focus is put on the subjects of general surgery, vascular surgery, orthopaedics, neurosurgery and plastic surgery. 

General surgery

hernia repair; colon- surgery; Gall bladders;

vascular surgery &
endovascular surgery    

Surgery of the arteries in case of arteriosclerosis and vascular anomalies under consideration of endovascularer technologies (especially catheter technologies)
AVF (arteriovenous fistula)
Surgery of varicose veins, including modern laser-technology


hip - and knee- surgery


spine- surgery

plastic- surgery

hand surgery, liposuction, facelift; breast construction; breast reduction; hand surgery

Our Consultants are specialists who possess many years of experience in their subjects.
Due to the fact that many of our patients suffer from diseases (like diabetes, disorder of lipometabolism or coronary heart disease) which need further therapy, we work closely together with corresponding specialists. Thus, we are able to guarantee integrated medical treatment.

The equipment of our diagnostics with CT, MRT, Ultrasound, etc is more than sufficient and on the highest level of technology.

Every single patient is supervised by a Consultant from the beginning of his/her stay until his departure. Even if the consultation of extra specialists is necessary, a case-manager stays with him/her. In terms of non-medical concerns we provide English-speaking attendants.

In Regensburg, we can offer all varying kinds of provisioning - from day- surgery including accommodation of our foreign patients in higher-class hotels to full-time stationary therapy in modern hospitals.Furthermore, you'll get the opportunity to know one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The Bavarian city of Regensburg, located where the Regen and Naab Rivers flow into the Danube, is undoubtedly one of history's wonders. It is the only Gothic big city in Germany to have retained its medieval face with hardly a blemish.
We provide a transport from the airports of Munich and Nuremberg to Regensburg.

You will come across an infrastructure in Regensburg which is perfectly organized for  tourists. We will adjust the organization of the tourist part of the travel individually to the demands of your patients.

We would be pleased if our proposal arouses your interest.

Self-evident, we can send you a pricelist of our offers at any time.

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